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Day of the Cranes

October 2000

A Familiar Sight
Ups and Downs

Top photo: From a pier in Fort Mason, it's easy to see how low the cranes are riding

Bottom photo: Well, I'm back up on a hill - this time in Ft. Mason - as the crane ship
floats between Alcatraz and Fisherman's Wharf

Star Wars fans may immediately notice the cranes' resemblance to the AT-ATs, the walking Imperial weapons.
In fact, I've heard that George Lucas derived his inspiration for those menacing movie machines from the many times he had driven past cranes such as these at ship ports around the Bay Area.  I know that many years ago I also first noticed the curious-looking shapes and thought they looked like gigantic elephants or horses.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this look back at the day the four giant cranes floated under that very famous bridge with very little room to spare.  Please take the time to browse more areas of my site.  Thanks.

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